Helmsdnv and Ringroze have blessed our ears with another banger! Both artists have been consistently producing music for a long time and they have not disappointed with this latest track.

"Rapido" provides a strong message on working hard and never giving up; a positive, motivational song that we should all take notes from!

Don't take my word for it, to understand what I mean, listen to "Rapido" yourself now!

  • Abi

New emerging artist Dre has appeared on our radar. His latest release on GRM Daily titled "So Good" is a vibe!

"So Good" is a slow romantic song that we all need in our playlists! The visuals are clean and his vocals are even cleaner. Make sure you keep your eye on Dre, he seems extremely promising. "So Good" is available on Youtube and other streaming platforms now!

RingRoze is one of the artists that I find myself reviewing very often due to his impeccable workrate and he never disappoints. More often than not, RingRoze's music isn't just random lyrics that sound good but his music tends to have a deeper and more meaningful message, and this is reflected in RingRoze's latest tracking featuring LilBoyzee, "Thinking Money". The song details the aspirations and goals that he has to make it big in life and to be successful, something most of us can relate to!

Make sure you check out the official audio video for "Thinking Money", edited by the man himself, RingRoze, out on Youtube now!

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