Record & Mix at The Same Time! Save Tons of Time & Money! 

So you're into the recording/music business but what are you really?


An artist?

A studio owner?

A musical engineer?


Or maybe just a budding entrepreneur who wants to improve the quality of their music? doesn’t matter what you are, as the way you view music is about to change.


What if I told you I created a tool that could cut your production time by as much as 75%, and allowed you to do 4 times the amount of recording you would normally do for the price of one?


Sounds too good to be true? Well here’s where it really starts to get crazy.


What if the tool also did the majority of the mixing for you “autonomously”, and provided you with a product near to completion the moment you stop recording?



In other words this tool does the majority of all the mixing for you!


Do you know what this means? Let me break it down for you.


As an artist your tracks will be nearly complete by the time you’ve finished recording all the relevant takes. This means high quality music every single time you record!


If you have your own studio set-up you’d now be able to say good-bye to hiring an engineer to record & mix your tracks. That’s a savings of anywhere between £25 - £50 per hour minimum!!


As a musical engineer this tool will do the majority of the work for you and improve the quality of your studio sessions. Now that you’re spending less time mixing, it gives you time to book more sessions; hence you’re now making more money!!!

Now hold up! I want you to listen VERY CAREFULLY to what I am about to say, because what I am about to reveal to you will probably change the way you view your music career forever.

What if I told you that not only can this tool do 75% of the mixing; hence saving you both time & money, but it also comes as a “Business in a Box”.

In other words not only can you save tons of money doing your own recordings, but you can now take it to another level by doing the same for other artists just like you!


But wait...just because you now have the ability to create professional music faster than the competition doesn’t mean you necessarily know exactly how to go about doing it...and when I say “exactly” I mean a “blueprinted” step-by-step methodology which shows you exactly how to use this software to create the quality clients you will need to start your business.


Now for this reason not only did I invest tens upon tens of thousands to create a tool which pretty much simplifies the most complicated areas of the recording process, but I also created an in-depth correlating document which contains all the tips, tricks and secrets I have used over the years to run my successful recording studios.


The only part of running a recording studio that is more important than the quality of your music is taking the right course of action when situations arise in your business.


Listen... I’m literally taking all the guess work out of it, and giving you all the answers you will need to build a successful recording business from the ground level right up to the top on a platter!


And that’s not all. When you download this tool I’ll be giving you access to my private vault which is equivalent to having a private coach “namely me” right beside you to guide you along on your journey. In the vault you’ll find videos, live seminars, webinars, coaching tips, tutorials, case studies and various bonus materials that will help you attain any level you desire in the recording business. This is literally a turn-key operation!

file 20-09-2015 19 01 11.jpeg

So what are you waiting for?

Create four times the music at a quarter of the cost, greatly reduce your engineering cost by as much as 75% and then whenever you're ready feel free to use your “Business in a Box” to get paid for doing something which you know & love.


Start your musical journey towards the future with the TMP Template.