#Indalab | The Producers Manual | Logic Pro 9

#Indalab | The Producers Manual | Logic Pro 9

I started out as a producer, always hearing the same thing i.e. how talented I am, but I never seemed to get the recognition I felt I truly deserved, despite my numerous efforts of trying to release my own material independently, and through other people’s independent record labels.Whatever you want to call it, whether its defined as destiny, God or the Universe, I believe that I was guided to help other, less fortunate musicians such as myself, and what better way could I do that, than to open up my own recording studio.For about a decade or so, the world has witnessed a massive increase in the number of big recording studios closing, hugely influenced by the dramatic reform in what we like to call the music industry. From illegal downloads, to the quality of music that has actually been deemed sellable, not to mention how inexpensive it is nowadays to create a hit song!With all this in mind, I feel like this is one of, if not the best time to get involved in the music industry by opening your own recording studio or even as an independent artist learning how to engineer and produce your own stuff. I literally started with nothing but an idea, a little enthusiasm, and the support of the most important person to me in the whole wide world, my dear mother.The following pages of this book will not only how you how to use the template that I have created to Record and Mix Rap Vocals quickly and easily, but it will also show you how to create a basic template from scratch, using a straight forward formula that has worked for me and many others that I have taught, trained and supported as Artists, Producers and Sound Engineers.I hope you can find as much success making a living from doing what you love as I have, and if it hasn’t already, it definitely starts here.​


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