Mixing Rap Vocals From 2 Different Projects Pt1| Tips & Tricks

Suppose you've recorded a Rapper's vocals at your Studio, and the same Rapper records another verse for the same song at home, on a different Mic, in fact, a DYNAMIC mic (these times you've already recorded him on a condenser) 🙃 and he then sends YOU the vocals to Mix and blend them with his original vocals dsoifhoadn8nrwofrwa.

Definitely sounds like a sticky situation right, but nothing I haven't been through before, and luckily enough, I was fortunate enough to record and share this particular experience I had with you, so you can best approach it or even decide if its worth doing it or not, because to be honest, I normally wouldn't do such a thing, but if the Artist persists, you can only try and show them why it's such a bad idea!

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