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Drapez Presents: Indalab Series 2 (ft Ketz, 03K Odotsheaman + More)

#Indalab is a behind the scenes view of what goes on in the TMP recording studio.

This series focuses on the relationship between Artist and engineer, and the aspect of working with a wide variety of different Artists with different styles, characters and requirements.

It also shows a behind the scenes insight into the type of Training that goes on with Young aspiring Sound Engineers at TMP.

For the Logic Template used in this Video go to www.themixtapeproject.com/tmp-templates

Featuring Choakz, Ketz, Swarve Slim, Odotsheaman and Trixx.

@DrapezDaPro @TheMixtapeProject

@ketz03k @SwarveSlim03k @Odotsheaman

Filmed by MrWotentertainment

Edited by Roundtable Media

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