Run Your Own Recording Studio!

It's been a hell of a year for business down at The Mixtape Project, and we've recorded and mixed over 2 weeks worth of Tracks! (According to iTunes), and now its more easy than ever produce, Mix and Master hits from the comfort of your own Studio set up, whether it be at home or in a small converted unit.

I've put this easy to follow formula in an eBook, which goes into detail how you can Record and Mix Rap Vocals quickly, easily and at the highest of quality, bringing all your tracks to the standard they need to be in order to contend with the heavyweights of todays music industry.

Can you imagine being able to create a whole album, Mixtape or EP in a week? Let alone being able to upload, Distribute and sell it online on completion!

Download #Indalab | The Producers Edition for £10.06 from Amazon now! CLICK HERE

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