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#Indalab - Insiders Secrets to Recording & Mixing Rap Vocals

An insiders perspective of how things go down in the recording studio, from recording and mixing vocals, to basic ground rules of how to conduct a successful studio recording session with a mix of different Artists.

#Indalab | The Producers Manual

This eBook reveals insiders secrets that are normally kept hidden away, giving the power to independent musicians worldwide. 


It's perfect for those wanting to use a Recording studio set up to run sessions, either to make some extra cash or to put together tracks for a Mixtape.

#Indalab | Logic Pro Templates

A collection of Templates for Logic Pro X, that allow you to easily record, mix and add post production to full length songs in a minimal amount of time.


#Indalab | Video Training

With the information in the course, you will be able to engineer your own tracks as an Artist, or make a living from engineering music for other Artists, saving you time spent studying at University or College, and allowing you to have the freedom to do exactly what you want to do, earn money from Music.