Learn How To Record & Mix Your Vocals Like the Pro's!

So you're recording Rap, Drill, Grime or Trap Music in Logic Pro X, but cant get your tunes to sound like the ones you’ve heard on YouTube, with all those mad effects, like, Vocal and Beat chops,

Or you're tired of these half-hearted engineers that don't understand the sound you’re tryna go for?

Whatever it is, it can’t be anything I haven’t solved for someone like you before.

I go by the name of DrapezDaPro, and whether you've heard of me or not, my experience in Music Production, Vocal Recording and Mixing goes back 10 years deep,

I’ve worked with and engineered for people like Smoke Boys (formerly Section Boyz), K-Trap, 67, Stormzy and so many more, as well as teaching and inspiring a bag of now successful Sound Engineers and Producers along the way.

So in hindsight, you can probably say I’ve helped to pioneer the sound of UK Rap and Drill, with songs like Trophy, Lock Arff, Gear 6 (Sleeks), Eye for Eye 2 (Swift), #Hashtag (by 67) just to name a few,

I mean if you really check it, no one was engineering or producing their sound like these songs before THEY came out, but don’t just take my word for it, search YouTube and check the release dates if you don’t believe me,

Anyway the fact is recording and Mixing vocals isn’t something you can just pick up and start doing without having some kind of prior knowledge, direction or guidance,

So If your an Artist or a producer looking to engineer your own tracks, or other People’s so you can earn a bit of bread on the side, I've come up with a short online course on how to record and mix rap vocals like a Pro, using Logic Pro X.

Not only will the course show you how to Record and Mix Rap Vocals over an instrumental all in one session, but it will also show you how to get the best out of any Rapper or Vocal Artist that you’re recording,


I’m giving you a Live Visual demonstration, which is like an exclusive front row seat within a Studio Session with a Recording Artist,Where I’ll show you my insiders secrets and tips to getting the best Mixes from any Artist you record in the studio,Whether its you recording yourself or someone else.


So in the course, you'll get 26 chapters that cover everything from automation, vocal and beat chopping techniques, to how to interact with the artist to get the best out of them in that session, as well as direct support from me as your mentor, in case you’ve got any questions along the way.


So with all this information, you'll not only be able to improve the standard of your recording and mixes, which will ensure people press that play button over and over again (meaning more streaming for you) but you'll also be able to use this vital information to provide Studio sessions to local Artists in exchange for a price you see fit.


So really and truly I’m giving you a fast lane ticket that will take you past College, Uni and or any other kind of Short course that you ‘ll probably have to pay a whole lot more for, in terms of money and time.


I mean if you look at the rate of fee's for education in the UK alone, you'll be looking to spend anything between £500 - £6000 per year, studying for anywhere between 1 - 3 years.Now that’s a lot of money, and a lot of time, and lets be honest, most of the courses out there won’t show you how to record and Mix Rap vocals, so even after you've spent all that Money and all that time,


You'll probably still have to invest more time (and/or money) trying to apply what you’ve learnt in one of those course to recording and Mixing Rap Vocals,Believe me, I know because I was once in exactly the same position as you,

So here's what i'm gonna do for you,

I’m so confident of what this course will give you towards your career and future development as an engineer/producer, that I'm willing to give you access to my course and even throw I my personal Logic Pro Template in (worth £100) which is basically shave off hours of time spent Mixing,


All this with a Money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied,

For just £150

Now you might be wondering why so cheap?! Like, it can't be everything he's saying?!

Well i'll tell you the truth, i'm only doing this because I remember how hard it was for me, having to go through College, Uni and still having to learn the majority of what I know now on the job.

Not only does this give me fulfilment, but it ties into my main aims and objective of my company, tell help others provide the same opportunities to up and coming Artists, that I have, in other words, “create, develop and inspire”,

Now what about if you don’t have the money to pay the £149 upfront?

Im going to give you the option to pay £100 to access the course for 1 day,


Which in itself is a bargain,

Indalab1a (1).jpg

So what more can you ask for?

I mean really and truly, what will happen if you don't take up this offer?

Will you be able to earn a living doing the thing you enjoy most, your music?

Not having to think about getting a day job, that would probably get in the way of your music, to the point where you lose all your passion for it altogether?

And what about all the time you may have already spent trying to get your mixes sounding right, and now you've been led to this, do you think it’s a coincidence?

I think its time for you to make that step, because if you don't, you'll on only have yourself to blame.

Now as much as I’d love to tell you that this opportunity will be here waiting for you forever, that would be a lie,

Because I know full and well what people would be willing to pay for such an opportunity,

So this deal will only be available for limited time only, and only God knows the price I'm going to up it to, because believe me, I’ve had people with expert knowledge in this area tell me how much I should be selling this kind of opportunity and lifestyle for, and the price I’m currently offering is a only fraction of that,

So what are you waiting for?

If you wanna take the stress out of not seeing any money from your music you’re making straight away, and potentially earn £3000 pcm engineering for other Artists like yourself,

Click on the link attached to this video, and you'll be taken directly to the course log in page,

There you'll be asked to provide your information and payment details

Once you've done this you'll be able to log in and access the video's that will be presented in chapters under 3 sections.

Example 1, Example 2 and Tips and Tricks.

Remember you're not just enrolling into some random Music Production course,

You're investing in your future, to improve your lifestyle by giving you the fulfilment of being a self made doing exactly what you love,

And better yet, guided by someone, who’s actually been there, worn the T-Shirt and has the credentials to back it

Anyway I'll see you on the other side